How to Give my Cat a Bath

Cat and bath in the same sentence? Who knew... it would work. If you had the pleasure of owning your kitten at a young age you have the honor of exposing them for their first time to the bathtub with a safe and positive association. If perhaps, you've adopted your cat later their reaction and association with the bathtub is more than likely complete and utter horror. Though rarer than their canine counterpart - there are situations where you may find yourself needing to bathe your cat.

First's things first - You (yes you!) need to be prepared:

Be sure that you're wearing clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or wet but are thick enough to protect you from the claws. Additionally, you'll want to move all the grooming materials into the restroom (rubber gloves, enticing treats, a hormone diffuser, fur-brush, shampoo, a non-slip mat with a towel placed on top (so that they don't panic about a slippery surface), a towel to dry them off, and cup for rinsing). Be sure that you partially fill the tub, sink or bin with warm water and lay down a towel on top of the non-slip mat, to prevent a panic on a slippery surface, before brining your cat into the bathroom.

Time to set your cat up for a successful bath:

Bring your cat into the bathroom with you and shut the door behind you. Once you are in the bathroom, you'll want to brush their coat and get rid of all their shedding fur. After a good brushing you'll want to place them into the bathtub. Keep in mind you'll want to place them on the wet towel in the partially filled tub (with warm water) and hold them down gently with one hand as you bring water up from underneath them and gently spread it on their fur. Once your cat is wet you can begin to lather them with shampoo. Afterwards, you will want to thoroughly dry your cat off with towels.

Every step is a big step - so let loose on the good praise and treats each time it's time for their bath. You will want to make this experience positive and exciting for them. So remember to give them plenty of praise, treats and patience.

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